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Spearheaded by Rishi Shah (Publisher & CEO, Crossbones Media)

Photos by: Kabir

Performers-  Kailash Kher’s SurFira, Bombay Black, Dhol For Soul, Dharavi United (Dopeadelicz, Swadesi, 7Bataiz, Enemies) Gerardo Velez, Selvaganesh

The celebration was perhaps Grand”, much like a concert conceptualized on International level on 15th anniversary of RAVE . The event saw performers like Kailash Kher launch his band SurFira. He spoke lengths about his Padma Shri win & congratulated Rishi Shah on the celebration of 15 years of RAVE. Grammy Award winner V. Selvaganesh wowed the audience with his performance. Bands like Bombay Black, Dhol For Soul, Dharavi United (Dopeadelicz, Swadesi, 7Bataiz, Enemies) Gerardo Velez rocked the concert & took the celebration to a whole new level. 

The celebration saw the presence of Prasoon Joshi, Anuraadha Tewari, Shaahid Amir, Lalitya Munshaw and many more

Rishi Shah, Publisher & CEO Crossbones Media says It is a matter of great pride to see RAVE complete 15 years in the business. RAVE is a shining example of how music has been that string which has got the world together. A medium through which musicians from all over the world can interact & create something never seen before. We as team, strive to work hard and make RAVE reach that global mark”

Music brings people together, and it accomplishes this in so many different ways. Just think about it for a second. If you think of truly massive gatherings of people it has been and will continue to be concerts. Music Concerts. Music brings people together and when all these people are gathered together they all enjoy one commonality… the music.

In order to feel a sense of connection to something (Music), the visionary global music media mogul, philanthropist & founder of India’s most popular and respected music magazine, Rishi Shah, Publisher & CEO Crossbones Media “CELEBRATED 15 YEARS OF RAVE” 

RAVEa magazine that has been the voice and authority for emerging music in India. Celebrating 15 years of excellence and dominance in the world of music content with a focus on unifying music fans from across the globe by providing exclusive engaging content where people can interact digitally and participate with the best in the business like Elton John, Rolling Stones, A. R Rehman, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Selvaganesh etc.

The magazine is focused on home-grown independent music, “Karmic Magazine”, luxury with a conscience & “One Nation” for the youth, bringing the funk to India.

RAVE is the only brand in the world that unites all genres of music, from classical to electronic, from traditional to contemporary, from north to south and from devotional to hip-hop. It’s about showcasing the diversity of the human experience in a celebration of unity of the human spirit.

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