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A night full of glamour! – Hosted by Ajay Singh

Recently a fashionable yet lavish soiree was hosted by Ajay Singh, the owner of Saadgi designer store, on the occasion of his birthday at Playboy, Hotel Samrat which is known for its parties and dazzling nightlife scene across Delhi NCR.
The Envogue Night was a thrilling affair with drinks and canapés. The glamorous and snazzy evening spotted fashion designers, models and fashion circuit people like Prerna Raizada, Sanjay Khera, Anil Munna Katoch, Bhavik Jain , Nidhi Gupta , Vandana Verma, Amitabh Reu , Udit Ohri , Pranshu , Elena Singh , Alia , Chaitanya Nagpal , Inderjeet Bhela among others.

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