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Actress Sripriya adds star power to Kamal’s Makkal Neethi Maiam Party

The Makkal Neethi Maiam (People’s Justice Centre) floated by actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan here on Wednesday has one more popular movie star apart from its top leader. Actress Sripriya, a leading heroine of yesteryear, was inducted into the new party’s high-level committee at the party’s launch here on Wednesday. She has acted with Kamal in several movies.

Citing the Tamil proverb ‘Oru Soru’, which means a small example of a whole lot, he said the launch was just the first step for ‘makkal atchi’ (people’s rule). Later, addressing his supporters Haasan said they have a duty and reminded them that this was not a “one day event”, but “a way of life.”

“I am not a leader to give advice. I am a worker to listen to your advice,” he said. Haasan asked how much longer would the people wait and watch the injustice around them. “If we reduce corruption, all of us will get power in our homes. I will not give Rs 6,000 for a vote. Because I don’t have the money. But even if I did, I won’t give,” he said in an apparent reference to the recent RK Nagar by-election in which parties allegedly bribed voters.

“If you had voted for the right person, forget Rs 6,000, you people could have earned Rs 6 lakh in a year. Instead, you got Rs 6,000 for five years. Don’t let the robbery of the past continue,” he said.

“Last night, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu asked me not to mind the left or right but just commit to action. Good and quality education must reach all sections of society. Games committed in the name of caste will have to be stopped. We will do it,” he said.

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