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Actresses who pull out a hard bitten journey before making career in acting

Bollywood actresses who pull out a hard bitten journey before making career in acting:

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9th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide to cheer up their success, make them realize the importance they hold in their loved one’s life and a day to give them an equal status in the society. Not just women’s day, but rest of other days must be dedicated to the ladies who work day and night whether indoor or outdoor, they are a God’s gift to the family they are brought up in. In the present scenario, every industry is catered towards maximum number of women working and performing on success grounds at a higher rate.

Simultaneously in Bollywood industry, women who inspires us to be like one of them, too had to cross a path of fire to be themselves they oath to be today because of the absence of a film background family. GetMovieInfo presents you the list of Bollywood actresses for whom making a career in Bollywood was not easy as they never had a Godfather to mentor them:

  • Priyanka Chopra:

Beauty is in the eye of beholder, Priyanka’s destiny had established the fact. At the age of 13, when she perused her study in U.S. she was being bullied for her white marks on legs and today her legs sell 12 brands. From Hero to Quantico, from a small town of Bareilly to New York, Priyanka had embarked her name in every chapter of heights of progress. Behind a success of a woman is always another woman. Madhu Chopra, mother of Priyanka Chopra left her gynecologist practice to support her daughter’s career in film industry. She won Miss World Beauty pageant 2000 followed by National and Padma Shri Award. She is not only the Bollywood highest paid actress but also in Hollywood she is one of the highest paid and adored actress. She is recently shooting for Quantico season 3.

  • Kangana Ranaut:

We all are aware of controversies related to Kangana’s personal life and her statements. She was mentally and physically abused by Aditya Pancholi who had a daughter of Kangna’s age. She trusted Aditya and his family as she had no one to support. After the assaultment, Kangana lost all the hope of light even from Pancholi family. Due to truancy of acting background family, the incident scared her to near death. She even abandoned any financial help from her parents which lead to regret later. Her distance from the family made her life struggle to get bread and butter for herself. Her terms with her family was back to normal after her grand success in Life in a Metro. Today Kangana is the third highest paid actress followed by Deepika and Priyanka. She had faced difficulties in speaking English which was a shame according to the film industry. Kangana in one of her interviews mentioned that “In England it’s understood if you don’t know English but in Mumbai it’s a matter of low self-esteem.

  • Vidya Balan:

Today Vidya Balan is one of the actresses who does not require a male lead to share the screen. She has the potential of carrying entire movie on her shoulder. Whether it’s Kahaani or Dirty Picture. Every role she portrays leads to a high gross independent movie. Earlier in her struggling days, she was replaced in Malayalam and Telgu movies because of her being considered as bad luck. Had she not faced the rejections, she would not have been signed for the big breakthrough Parineeta. From that day onwards there is no turning back in Vidya’s career.

  • Madhuri Dixit:

Being a wife and mother of two kids, Madhuri is considered to be one of the versatile actresses who if comeback in Bollywood can make thousands of heart beat faster. Her last project was Dedh Ishqiyaa opposite Nassurdin Shah. Madhuri had been on panel as a judge in various dance shows. Before Tezaab, Madhuri worked in tons of movies which went flop on box office. However her dance and acting was being appreciated by critics. She is a dedicated dancer since the age of 3.

GetMovieInfo wishes Happy International Women’s day to aspirant women bringing a stability in life and making others learn a new lesson everyday about never giving up.

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