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Akhiyaan by Vipin Aneja is a new step of era of love – GetMovieInfo

On Valentine’s Day 2018, Vipin Aneja new music album Akhiyaan was launched. The song represents the juncture of a relationship a couple goes through.

In a recent interview with GetMovieInfo, Vipin shared with us some of the reasons why he choose a shady song instead of love songs on Valentine’s Day. Vipin wanted to represent the relationship of a person into past, present and future. A soft song is always appreciated with modesty.

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Vipin Aneja career began by music album “Teri Payal” which was appreciated on large platform. He performed Punjabi songs too which was his core branch line. His big Bollywood break was with the song “Sahib Bada Hathila” in Saheb Biwi and Gangster. Vipin also sang tere sheher mein in Jazaba.

On being asked whether he would be looking forward for Bollywood as there is a wide range of music dedicated to Bollywood, Vipin stated that he would like to draw his focus towards Punjabi music. It is because Punjabi music was a career start for Vipin and Punjabi songs are in depth of Bollywood whether it’s Soch Na Saka or Dil Diya Galan. A music album provides you an opportunity to widespread independently. Vipin is also known for his voice in remake of Gulabi Ankhen.

Vipin is also a panelist in Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa lil champs with jury of 30 members. Vipin has been a mentor in both kids and seniors championship. He has seen the rising graph of the contestants as they are on a huge platform. Its not that a show will lifetime mentor the contestant to choose their directions but after the show the way they groomed themselves is unbelievable. From performing regional wise to worldwide it’s all because of the will and guidance they are provided within the journey.

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