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Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu say no to Piracy!

Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu wrapped up shoot for their upcoming film in Goa and are currently shooting in Mumbai for the film. Recently on the sets the duo came across two girls, the junior artists who were watching  a movie on their phone. When asked about the film, the girls said that they were watching Sultan and Great Grand Masti.


Since Sultan has been released in the last week and Great Grand Masti is yet to be released, the version these girls were watching was the pirated one. Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu were taken aback by the fact that people instead of watching the movies in the theater are choosing the easy way out and downloading the movie which is free of cost. They felt extremely bad  about the fact that the actors, director, filmmakers and the cast and crew of a film work hard for the film and then the film gets leaked online putting all their efforts in vain. Taapsee and Ali spoke to those girls and explained it to them, how much efforts have to be taken and how difficult it is to release a film and also requested them to not watch pirated films. Piracy is a big concern in our county. Despite all the efforts taken to fight piracy, there are still a lot of people who watch pirated films and it is a widespread problem. The girls were apologetic and also understood the concern and swore not to watch pirated films ever again. Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu also handed over an envelope to the girls with money so that they could go watch the film in the theater instead of them watching it on their smartphones.

When contacted Taapsee she said, “It was disheartening to see that a few people don’t value the efforts and pain taken to make a movie. I wish I could make them go through the process of making a film n the hardships we face to deliver the final product, for them to know how big a crime they r doing. It’s almost like stealing someone’s property illegally. I hope they don’t do this again.”

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