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Arjun Rampal and Meher Jesia part their ways after 20 years

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Arjun Rampal and Meher Jesia part their ways after 20 years:

Where bollywood is embedded with fairy tales and weddings, here comes the 20 years of mesmerized relationship Arjun Rampal and Meher that decided to seperate their ways . It’s quite shocking to many of us as the lovable couple shared a bond of around 20 years. The duo married in 1998 when they were great friends together. Meher Jesia was a former Miss India. Arjun and Meher are parents to two beautiful daughters Mahikaa who is 16 years old and Myra who is 13 years old. Meher and Arjun collectively with a mutual understanding initiated the decision however it will be tough on the couples as well as their daughters. Arjun Rampal released a statement in press, “Relationships can end but love lives on”. 


Arjun Rampal also stated that the couple instead of their seperation will stand through thick and thin when it comes to facing any difficulty together and also when it comes to their daughters specifically. Arjun and Meher had cleared the air that their seperation will not jeperodize their daughters present and future.


The decision was taken with a mutual understanding in a organized manner.

Arjun also stated that he and Meher have been solid through the relationship whether it’s for good or bad. After the seperation also Arjun had promised to keep up the promise of being in touch and always be supportive whether for each other or loved ones.

To begin one journey, other one has to be put on the end. The couple bond was a example for being in a relationship for a longer period of time. So definitely it will be heartbreaking for many of us who have literally grown up seeing the couple bond.

Arjun Rampal had denied to further comment on any other conspiracy related to the separation.


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