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BB11 winner Shilpa Shinde and Arshi khan clash of words even when the show is over

Big Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde and former friend in BB11 Arshi khan clash of words are burning even when the show is over

Remember Maa Beti coalition in BB11 of Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Well in the house the two drifted apart because of unusual controversies, clashes and statements thrown at each other. The clash seem to be taking a huge tide between the two even when there is a stop to the show.

Shilpa was banned from the TV industry for two years after which she signed for Big Boss. Shilpa was always considered to be kitchen queen and also a threat to other commoners and celebrities who performed tasks and try to indulge in activities like bullying, creating love scenes around and fights for footage but day by day everyone got eliminated. Shilpa was the one to survive and wins the race by her humble nature. Season was always pronounced as Karma due to which there was an answer to every single slap given to a contestant. Be it Shilpa torture to Vikas to make him freed away from the show as he was the biggest reason for her ban from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. However the clashes between the two is still an unsolved mystery. War of words was always a point raised between Arshi and Shilpa as Arshi was unstable about her actions and felt as if Shilpa is always playing the victim card.

Arshi in her recent party thrown by her reacted weirdly on media’s question about whether Vikas and Shilpa are ever getting married. Arshi stated that Shilpa has no intention to get married and she is elder to Vikas. Shilpa had initiated that Arshi is using her name for fame.

Slinging the statements that are never ending Arshi also had her vision clear that on being asked by Media I always informs what I know. Everyone in BB 11 are my close ones and if Shilpa intends to insult in public then it’s an offense to her self-respect. Shilpa could have directly pinged me as we are more like sisters, ”Arshi stated”.

Will the mother daughter dual end well in further days or there will leaps of sorrow between the two?

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