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Beiimaan Love review -C grade movie as it gets

Beiimaan Love movie cast: Sunny Leone, Rajneesh Duggal, Daniel Webber.

Beiimaan Love movie director: Rajeev Chaudhari.

Rating: 0.5.

It is a dark love story which revolves around betrayal in today’s world in which Sunny Leone becomes a successful business woman and it is based on her tryst with love. As the film title suggests Sunny Leone plays a woman who does beiimaani in love. Beiimaan Love could easily have been called ‘Bematlab Thakaan’. I am exhausted, for no reason other than that I chose to get back to a Sunny Leone film in the hope that she will reveal something other than sculpted body parts which move and stop, move and stop.

Both Ek Paheli Leela and One Night Stand, where Sunny had large speaking parts, were meant to showcase her acting talents. Both failed. Beiimaan Love is not even respectable B grade. It is as C grade as it can get. This is definitely Sunny Leone ‘s worst performance till date as she packs a punch as she has never mouthed so many dialogues ever and the credit goes to the filmmaker Rajeev Chaudhari.

Some people might have different opinions about love as depicted in this film.However if Radhika Apte would have been cast instead of Sunny Leone and Emraan Hashmi for Rajniesh Duggal’s role there would have been greater buzz about Beiimaan Love.

Overall, Beiimaan Love is not worth a watch movie for its unparalleled concoction of love, betrayal, passion, lust.


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