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Bhaijan Salman Khan fans chanting outside galaxy apartment

A huge relief to film industry and fans as Salman Khan has been released on bail today for black buck poaching case. On 5th April Salman was sentenced for 5 years jail and Rs.10000 fine. Case of deer hunting had been in action from the shoot of Hum Sath Sath Hain. Along with Salman, Tabu, Neelam Kothari, Saif Ali Khan and Sonali Bendre were found guilty in the case of black buck poaching.

During the hearing, Neelam, Sonali, Tabu and Saif had been given a sigh of relief from the court but for Salman it was one of the most difficult times as a bunch of projects are lined up and invested for Salman. Race 3 final commencement, Dabbang 3 shoot in December and premire of Big Boss 12 in the start of October will be one of the highlighted projects of Salman Khan. A case which has been dragged more than 20 years had also disappointed the fans and the question that aroused was that- why Salman was sentenced to jail and not the other four accused who was engaged in the same activity? Well for now it’s a big relief that two days after, Salman  has been released and head back to Mumbai.

Salman fans were gathered like a wave of tsunami to whom he waved from the terrace of galaxy apartment even after spending two indurate nights in Jodhpur jail. Uncontrollable innumerable fans from the morning were scattered to get a glimpse of bhaijan. Salman sisters Alvira and Arpita as well as his mother Salma visited Jodhpur to meet Salman. Preity Zinta one of the dearest friends of Salman also visited him.

Bollywood actors came in support of Salman Khan when he was sentenced and after the release they showed their gratitude on social media.

For now, Salman has to reappear in court on 7th May 2018 and is not permitted to leave India until the next hearing takes place.

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