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Casting couch a misty secret of Bollywood – GetMovieInfo.Com

Ekta Kapoor revealed the other phase of the story wit#MeToo Campaign

Sources are to be believed TV queen Ekta Kapoor confessed on social media that Bollywood drift on sexual favors. The glamour industry with all the lights around is brimmed with vague. A secret of entertainment industry that always zipped the young seekers struggling to get fame in the industry. They are ready to get their reputation at stake to be a part of lights, camera and action. Many of them indulge in the enterprise that lead them to success for some moments but after that they are expected to continue and this is the reason many of the actors or actresses fall in the pit from where they can never regain.

Ekta Kapoor took an initiative to raise her voice against the issue which is generally buried by the directors and producers. Ekta always respects the nature of every women and is cooperative. Her work in Hindi television always reflected that women are the decision makers instead of being restricted to home maker. Ekta Kapoor on twitter stated that only 30 percent of women dare to raise their voice and rest 70 percent mute on the statements.

#Metoo was a movement that initiated all across from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s exploitation and sexual assault on women has an imitation in Bollywood too.

In recent Barkha Dutt town hall, Ekta Kapoor announced her new web series #TheTestCase starring Nimrat Kaur and described her journey from Tulsi to test case. Tulsi in kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi shot her own son as he was attempting rape on his wife. The highest rated episode simply states that there is no law on martial rape and reason of which lead to shut down voices of many women in the country. Ekta Kapoor had always portrayed women superiority and the test case is the well set example.

Ekta Kapoor revealed the other phase of the story. She stated that #metoo campaign states only a single part of the story. For an incident to happen there are always two sides and that is why only one phase should not be overlooked. Ekta being a producer herself never denies the existence of casting couch. There are some struggling job seekers who initially black out and happens to initiate themselves in sexual activities with producers to make their names in the industry. After a result of which they expect the producers to make them cast in the movie. If not possible, allegations on producers begin at high intensity.

Many of the new comers feel that instead to hardships and showcasing talent, they divert.


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