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Cynosure of October intend close to the hearts: October Movie review and collection

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Cynosure of October intend close to the hearts: October Movie review and collection

October released worldwide on 13 April this Friday. By the trailer we all must have created a mindset of a love story, however it’s not a love story yet related to love.


The apolouge begins with the internship of Dan (Varun Dhawan) in hotel management who usually was cautioned by his seniors of getting fired as he was irresponsible towards his work. He never took the training seriously and had a dream of establishing his own hotel one day. Every day Dan struggles with the ilk of work Dan used to do in his routine makes him frustrated. On the other hand Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) was an intern in the same department being a responsible and professional trainee with minimal attitude of frustration. Dan life abruptly everted when Shiuli met with an accident and went into comma. To know what all turns will be highlighted, watch October in nearby theaters.


The movie pace with slow down flow until interval. But that is the beauty of the movie if someone have a deep understanding of pain and literally want to take a break from the spiced up love stories. Some of the hospitality terms might confuse the audience and can distract attention from the movie. October is a movie that will mark its footprints in your hearts even when you leave the theaters. It will fall you in the next level to think even after the end of the movie. Varun Dhawan had definitely proved that he is much more to give to the industry than comical roles and love items. Banita Sandhu has minimal dialogs with deep expressions making it to the point perfection. Movie is directed by Shoorjit Sarcar who have been known for Piku, Pink and Vicky Donor. Juhi Chaturvedi steals the thunder in form of dailoges writing which has a meaning in every line that audiences need to understand.

Box office collection:

October had a rising collection of 22 crores instead of its weak opening on day 1 that was 5 crores. And with the moving time, it is still in running competition with Baaghi 2 and Blackmail. 


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