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Daler Mehandi sentenced for two years in case of human trafficking

Pop Punjabi Singer Daler Mehandi had been convicted on the charge of human trafficking in 2003 a case roused by Patiala court. He has been sentenced two year prisonment, but right after that he was granted bail within an hour of sentencing.

Daler Mehandi and his brother Shamsher Singh had been accused of bartering people for money during their International Tours. In 1998 and 1999 Daler and Shamsher dropped off 10 people illegally in the respective years. He outlawry fall off three young women at San Francisco during one tour. During another tour in 1999 he was accused of smuggling three boys at New Jersey.

Nearly 35 people complained a lawsuit against the brothers in charge of charging hefty sum of money to migrate to U.S.A. Bakshish Singh one of the complaint applicants registered an FIR in Patiala police station. Following more complaints, singer resident was raided in order to seize the documents and details of transaction as a proof of engagement of the ongoing activities. In 2006, all the allegations were adjourned proving the innocence in court filling two discharge petitions. However trial for further investigations and trial was going on by the court as there was sufficient evidence against the accused.

Shamsher who was a part of the troupe died in 2017 after suffering from Jaundice. Daler had finally break his voice against the allegations and had pleaded innocence in high court. Daler had heavy heartedly opened up on the verdict on twitter me and my late brother had been suffering from last 14 years and even after proved in court about the innocence, we are tried to get stucked into the muds of being guilty. He had thanked all his fans for believing in him and has assured about further moving into session court for justice.

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