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Ekta Kapoor & Rishi Kapoor lashes out at media for forging statements on demise of Sridevi

It has been a day since 90’s legendary actress Sridevi had took her last breathe and already media has cooking up the statements on reasons behind the death of Sridevi. All the film fraternity, family, relatives and die-hard fans of Sridevi went under an intense shock as all of a sudden it popped up that she is no more in this world. It was clearly stated that before her last breathe she was attending a family wedding with her husband Boney Kapoor and Khushi. After the wedding, she moved to the hotel room where Boney planned a surprise dinner art. All of a sudden she collapsed and within 15 minutes before taking her to the hospital she passed away due to accidental drowning in bathtub.

On social media many of her followers and inspirational actors pay their condolences on social media. While on other hand, press media was witnessed dirtying their hands by asking for reactions to Arjun Kapoor and other celebrities who urgently came all way leaving their works to Anil Kapoor’s home to pay her tribute. The major question is- Is the media responsible for broadcasting the information to audiences or rushing towards heavy hearted person for reactions who had recently lost someone close to the heart?

In the same way Ekta Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor busted into anger when the media acclaimed that Sridevi death was due to surgery and defined the news as in her body is being contorted back to India. The reason for which Rishi went outrage was why media addressed a human personality into body.In order to shut the mouth of trollers and media Ekta elucidated that 1% of the population every month die due to cardiac arrest and it happens abruptly.

Rishi Kapoor worked with Sridevi in innumerable films. Along with going off the deep end with media, Rishi tweeted a still from Sridevi’s one of the popular songs mere haatho mein nau nau chudiyan hai.

According to the Dubai officials autopsy had finished and the mortal will be brought back in India in Versova Bungalow.

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