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Exes in a friendly chat in an upcoming show – Any Guesses

Exes in a friendly chat in same frame after long long time

We have all seen Chat Shows where celebrities are invited in pairs or trios, and have enjoyed the camaraderie they share. Their being together at times is fire, and at times we witness what looks like a comfortable universe that they dwell in. They are siblings, friends, spouse or any other amicable relation. Film Companion, however, in their latest episode has brought together former partners, now divorced,  Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin.

Kalki and Anurag sit across the table and play the TapeCast, answering various questions from the situations given. Among the questions asked are from identity crises, creativity, angst and some questions by Co Actors Piyush Mishra and Richa Chaddha.

Both Kalki and Anurag agree on Space, which is required by each of them, in their own way. Kalki followes strict social media detox after coming back from work. While for Anurag, the cinema that runs in his mind all through is his happy space. Among all these questions, what stand out are obvious questions about their personal life.


“People Ask, How did you manage after Divorcing Anurag: Kalki

I have been very vulnerable, always seeked out support in a strong man: Kalki

You are very sorted on a film set: Kalki to Anurag

I don’t know even you are aware of the Brand: Anurag to Kalki

I don’t think I was a bad man. Marriages are a lot of commitment, you have to make an effort to make it work, I hope everything was organic, it’s also scary. I have become more understanding, more tolerant; I take and give more space. I am a better person, a more liveable person: Anurag on two failed marriages”

Kalki and Anurag met on the sets of the latter’s directorial venture Dev D, where the former played a very prominent role of Chandramukhi.  Kalki, a French Actress, born in India and Anurag , known for his critically acclaimed works like Black Friday, tied the knot in 2011, however they parted ways in 2013.

Now what occurs when two ex flames sit together and talk? Lot of smiles, to nods, listening patiently to pondering expressions.  This chat is all about how two individuals who once were very close, parted ways yet are open to amicably sit in a space and talk about their art. This sure is an event to watch.

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