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Fans like Family: Fans host a dinner party for Maniesh at Dallas

Bollywood is known for its immense and crazy fan following all over the world and the recent Dabangg tour surely proves that our stars have their favorites all over the world. Fans have showered their love and affection on their favorite stars throughout the tour in various cities.

Desi munda Maniesh Paul, who has delivered some spectacular performances during the Dabangg tour 2018, also has a huge fan following and was showered with loads of love from his fans during the tour.
Interestingly, Maniesh has always reciprocated his fans love for him with as much gusto, in fact, he has become close to a few of them so much that they are now like his family. Like this zealous fan from Dallas, who goes all out to make Maniesh feel extremely special.
They are a huge fan of Maniesh and every time he is in Dallas, they invite him for dinner, needless to say, the star humbly obliges and makes his fans feel special in return.
Recently, when Maniesh visited Dallas, while on the Dabangg tour, he took a break from his troupe and ensured to go meet his fans. He spent an entire evening with them and enjoyed a hearty meal, which was specially prepared for him. Well, that is another level of fandom and modesty altogether, isn’t it.
Maniesh, who is currently busy with the tour, told us, “I have had a crazy time in Dallas with my extended family there. Those people are not just my fans but have also become friends and family to me. Every time I visit Dallas, we all have a small get together with dinner and a lot of fun. It’s like a home away from home.”
The squad is currently in Vancouver for the Da Bangg tour. 

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