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Father and daughter way far across but united by their voices: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, a new show on Star Plus is mesmerized by its genre of a father and his daughter who are separated due to various consequences but adjoin by their voices.

A small town girl Kulfi is brought up by her mother Nimrat Kaur who was disowned by her now famous singer husband Sikander way before the birth of Kulfi. With the hardships of a single mother and her daughter every day asking for her father can shed down tears from your eyes. The adorable kid being bullied in society because she is all alone raised by a mother whose husband is missing and not known to anyone.

It has been two weeks since the show is being aired and already there are tons of positive responses regarding the show. The viewers are connecting to the line of bond created by the show makers. With the fact that the child is unknown about her father’s existence, she possess the same strength of passion for singing as her father.

On the other hand, Nimrat sister in law is in greed of earning more money by making her Kulfi sing in concerts. Nimrat hate the inheritance of Sikander existence in Kulfi. She never wants Kulfi to sing but her sister in law threatens her to keep quiet and let kulfi sing ,otherwise she will reveal that Sikander is Kulfi’s father.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is soon expected to arrive on position 4 in TRP of 2.4. At present the show is at TRP of 2.0 and is expected to taste the sweetness of success in the upcoming weeks.

A plain set of story with the representation of emotions connecting to singing is what the viewers are sticking to questions like what will be the reaction when Kulfi meets Sikander and what was the reason Sikander has to leave his first wife and marry another filthy rich woman? To know more, watch Kulfi Kumar Bajewala on star plus from 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Actor Mohit Malik Doli Armanoo Ki fame is playing the role of Sikander and had addressed in one of the interviews that he had the dream of once playing the role of a father who struggled to find his wife and is unknown to the fact that he has a daughter resisting exactly the same talent he has.

Besides Mohit Malik following are the co-stars who will be an integral part of the story:

Aakriti Sharma as Kulfi

Shruti Sharma as Nimrat

Anjali Anand as Lovely, Amrya’s mother and Sikander co-wife

Pallavi Rao as Nihalo, Nimrat sister-in-law

Myra Singh as Amyra, Lovely’s daughter

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