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Feature of Bollywood actors who can play superheroes

Bollywood actors who can play Super heroes

There is no denying that the Hollywood star cast has done a great job but ours will also be incredible. Let’s take a look at the celebrities who would appear great in those superheroes outfits.


Superman – Karan Singh Grover – He can definitely turn out to be the superman of Bollywood. As he have Quick wit, high-flying persona and charm!Karan would do complete reliability to the role.


Batman – Ranveer Singh – He is classy with commendable posture, and can carry any role very well.

Ironman – Farhan Akhtar – A Character who is not huge or has a great height but the one who is the most intellectual Character just like Farhan AKhtar.


Wolverine – Hritik Roshan – From having identical looks to a Greek god to having a great persona makes him perfect combo to become Wolverine.


Deadpool – Ali Fazal – A character who engages in witty banter with the many voices inside his head. Mentally unstable, sure, but definitely fun. Just like Ali.


Thor – John Abraham – Thor is arguably the greatest and mightiest defender one of the strongest Character in which John would do complete justice.

captain america

Captain America – Aditya Roy Kapoor – No doubt that Aditya would look as Captain America as he also Is frail young man enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum to the aid of the people.

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