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Film Mango Dreams Premièred 22nd Feb at The London International Film Festival

Mango Dreams premièred today, 22nd February at 5.40 p.m. at the London International Film festival. We had a full house and ushers had to carry in extra chairs twice till no more guests could be accommodated. Even then several viewers stood and watched the film.

Photos by: Kabir

The audience loved the film. They laughed in several places which we had never Imagined and several scenes brought out moist eyes. At the end the audience gave a standing ovation and remained in the theatre to congratulate John and others.

They all enjoyed the film and congratulated John for a well made film.

They enjoyed the performances of Mr Bajaj, Punkaj Tripathi, and Samir Kochhar. They also liked Rijjus performance. The audience also praised Noumis photography, and Sunil Kaushik’s music. Ajit Patnaik was praised for his production design. Each and every member of the audience personally asked us to convey their appreciation to the crew members of the film for a superb and entertaining film, a film with a heart and a message. The awards ceremony are on the 26th evening. Thank you friends and it was a very wonderful and exciting evening.

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