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From America to Hisar ! Big Mugs: a new American Restaurant launched in Hisar

From America to Hisar ! Big Mugs, a new American Restaurant launched in Hisar, Haryana 

One can now visit The United States of America in Haryana too. Yes, that’s right. From huge great jumbo burgers to a dozen variety of Fries and Shakes and with a statue of liberty and much more, one can now have a complete taste of America in the new American Restaurant “Big Mugs” opened in 23 PLA Market,  Hisar,  Haryana.
With around 100 varieties of American food, Big Mugs is set with a cool American theme and an innovative idea of presenting America to Haryana, that too at affordable rates.
The restaurant has been getting great response even before it’s opening as it’s not just offering a cool american theme but also a very affordable cheap price rate varying from ₹50-150.
The managing director of Big Mugs ‘Parveen Rai’ shared, they have been getting a great response of people of Hisar and have also planned many new and fun activities for future as well like food challenges, student discounts, new cool and innovative varieties of food etc. Rai also mentioned that he has been started getting offers for new branches of the restaurant in other states of Haryana.
While Aman Deep Singh, a young man having a broad experience of Food Brands Development in India and abroad shared that Big Mugs will also introduce new varieties of burgurs with attractive colours like ‘purple,  white and black’ as well in future.
The restaurant has been operational since May 18th and offering services like food catering, wedding celebrations and birthday celebrations as well.

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