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From Ramp to Pole

When it comes to dreams and aspirations, there shouldn’t be any limit. As they say, dreams are meant to be achieved and there is no right age for the same. If dreams are not achieved, what left with us is ‘Regret’ and that too for life time.









One of the biggest example and inspiration that we have recently come across is Fashion Choreographer and MTV Love School 2 contestant Jagnoor Aneja. Known for his astonishing fashion skills, the young Delhi boy has helped many young models and actors in achieving their dreams and now its turn for him to follow the path and achieve his aspirations.

In order to follow his passion and dream, Jagnoor is now all set to take to take initiatives and become the World’s best pole dancer. Commenting on the same, Jagnoor says ,” Everyone loves dancing and individuals have their personal favourite dance form. Being a professional dancer, pole dance is something which makes me happy and satisfied and now I think it’s a high time to achieve what I have been dream from past so many years”. Ain’t it an exciting news?

We appreciate his decisions and wish him to be the best pole dancer in near future.

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