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Girliyapa Spotlight’s video with the Robin Hood Academy is a reminder we needed this Republic Day

Shahzad Ahmed

Girliyapa Spotlight, that aims to be the voice and platform for social causes, is putting its best foot forward towards raising awareness. As the country is all set to mark its 71st Republic Day, the channel has yet again collaborated with the non-profit organization (Zero Cash) Robin Hood Academy for their latest mission. As the voice that tackles social issues, the aim of the initiative is to propel students towards a path where they take the first steps towards developing their career.From 21-26 January, ‘A Trip to College’ under Academy Freshers is organized where Academy students are been taken to college tours. Exposing them to educational institutes and showing them the benefits of a library, classroom, auditorium with an aim to ignite a spark in them making them want to pursue higher education in college. By giving wings to these young minds, the initiative aims to reduce the high dropout rates after class 10. Amplifying the thought behind the initiative, Girliyapa Spotlight released a video where college students reveal how they spend a lot of time online, not before being urged to devote four hours a month towards making a difference for the better. The outreach asks them to take some time out and educate these bright young minds.


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