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India signifies the shine of a gold: Gold theritical trailer out

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India signifies the shine of a gold: Gold theritical trailer out

Akshay Kumar is back in form of an inspirational patriotic movie with the tagline of Vande Mataram Gold. It is a debut for television actress Mouni Roy.

The plot of the film is based on the true events that happened when hockey player Dhyanchand chased after his dream of India getting a gold as a free nation. The dream touched the reality when in 1948 India won in hockey during Olympics.

The fictions of freedom fighter concluding the the escape from the trap of Britishers who ruled India for 200 years has been depicted in many of the bollywood movies.

The pilot part of the story was the 1936 Berlin Olympics where Dhyanchand was the captain of British Indian hockey team and refused to salute Adolf Hitler.

The trailer reveals the journey of Dhyanchand from 1936 to 1948 where winning didn’t make a difference but winning as a free nation made it. The movement to sing national anthem on British grounds and defeating them on their own conquest was the block that Dhyanchand had to remove.

He mentored and formed Indian hockey team to defeat Britishers on their ground.

With the trailer making us confined to the theaters and salute to the one who dreamt of not only chasing the dreams but also encasing into reality.

The role of Adolf Hitler will be played by British actor Jonathan Rushby and supporting cast includes Amit Shah and Kunal Kapoor.

The film is directed by Reema Kagti and will raise the flag on independence day 2018.

The film is going to face neck to neck competition with John Abram Starrer Satymav Jayate with tagline of Zero tolerance to corruption which is directly related to conspiracy of judiciary system.

Audiences will find it a power pack present from two superhit actors but at the same release of both the films together can bring equal loss to the business and division of the tastes of the audiences.


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