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India’s Bariatric Surgeon Dr. KS Kular participates as Keynote Speaker in Sydney

Recently, the Annual Conference of the SUGSS (Sydney Upper GI Surgical Society) was held in Sydney where Dr. KS Kular was invited as Keynote Speaker along with Dr. Danial Cottam of the USA and Dr. Wei Jei Lee of Taiwan. More than 500 surgeons all over the world participated in this international conference.

Dr. David Martin Chairman SUGSS mentioned Dr. Kular as World Recognized Expert in Bariatric Surgery and gave him the credit of bringing revolution in weight loss surgery in India and Asia.

Speaking on Obesity in India, Dr. Kular told that “5% of the Indian population is obese which is ever-increasing and it is more prevalent in north India”. 

Dr. Kular, the pioneer of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in India, presented the results of his 15 years’ experience in Obesity surgery and shared his technique of MGB with other surgeons. He quoted that MGB is a 20-25 minutes Laparoscopic surgical procedure in which the size of the stomach is reduced by stapling and the first 5-6 ft of the intestine is bypassed. It results in significant loss of weight and control over other co-morbidities like type II diabetes, hypertension and breathlessness, and various cardiac problems. He also emphasized the need for regular post-op follow up with patients to avoid nutritional deficiencies.


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