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International singing sensation Soumita Saha expresses words of applause


With the advent of summer and rising mercury level the country found respite with early advent of nor’ westers. Book lovers that appreciate indigenous writers are finding themselves on cloud9 as Author Novoneel Chakraborty’s “The Stranger Trilogy” will be adapted into a romantic thriller digital series for Applause Entertainment in partnership with filmmaker Goldie Behl.



International singing sensation Soumita Saha expresses words of applause saying “ Even though I am a movie repulsive person, but if at all they make a film on ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ I would be more than happy to be a part of the music score”.

Soumita Saha is one of those successful international singers who have presented the industry mega hit like Ishq. Her International debut became superhit over night. Soumita is known for her involvement as a social activist and her literary work. She is also soulful as poetess. The Ishq girl adds “ I have been a bibliophile since childhood, ask any friend of mine!  I seldom separate from a book. As a reader I admit that I happen to read indigenous authors more. I totally love Chakraborty’s ‘The Stranger Trilogy’.  I would have considered myself lucky if they made a feature movie on the series and I happened to have done the music score.”



“The Stranger Trilogy” show is yet to be titled and the casting of the series is currently underway with the shoot looking to begin in April. Talking about the web series yet to be aired the singing diva said “The generation I belong , watches web series more than mainstream television. “The Stranger Trilogy” has been a “phenomenon” the magic of the author’s master storytelling”.

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