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Irrfan Khan comes to the rescue

Irrfan Khan comes to the rescue

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Everyone adores having a cell phone in this era. Carrying expensive cell phones in our pocket for pleasure and purposely exposing it in front of our buddy does wonders to our reputation and personality. But as many others, Bollywood global star Irrfan Khan is too gripped with growing concern of the flip side of mobile phones. Irrfan who has recently moved to his new apartment in the Western suburbs of Mumbai has had a recently growing concern. Since he moved, there have been three new mobile towers installed near his house increasing his worry of the affect of the radioations emitting from them on the residents living in the vicinity. Wishing to plead to the mobile operators , Irrfan joined in on a silent march held in Mumbai to send across a peace message and request to these operators to keep the towers away from residential areas especially  sensitive areas where schools and hospitals are situated. 
Irrfan is known to extend his voice for issues he feels strongly about and thus he came forward to extend his support.  When asked Irrfan about this he said ” We all need mobile phones to work in this day and age. However our Mobile Network towers need to be planned with better consideration to residential areas, parks, schools, hospitals etc. this is a dire need with today’s increasing health conditions leading to complications due to the radiation. Starting with simple symptoms like headaches, dizziness up to diagnosis of cancer as witnessed in the Ushakiran building case and numerous other cases. We can only create awareness and urge people to join us in this moment” 

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