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Kapil Sharma back to pavilion on Sony with his new show

Kapil Sharma back to pavilion on Sony with his new show

Still from sony promo
Still from promo of new show on Sony of Kapil Sharma

It has been a long decade that we have watched Kapil Sharma on small screen. After the exit of Kapil Sharma many laughter shows arrived and disappeared. After a big break of comedy King Kapil is back with his promo with a message that there is always a door to establish. One door closes, other opens. This is what a life cycle been defined. A talent is open to establish in all difficulties. An actor always faces upside and down in his career. What is more important is learning from your mistakes and be positive towards your attitude and work. Kapil recent movie Firangi was unable to make up to the expectation of audiences. Now on Sony Entertainment Kapil show with a fresh start will burst audiences into laughter. Show name is announce “Family with Kapil Sharma”. Before that Kapil was involved in vexatious activities ruining almost his 15 years of hard work.

Sony TV tweet announcing the return of Kapil Sharma on small screen  

A well said quote had been wreathed for all those who anabasis is creeping and deteriorate without a hitch. In layman terms success ladder is a game of dice where a six can either provide you ladder to climb or snake to fall.

Kapil Sharma a stand-up comedian career sparked the lights for the first time when he won Laughter Challenge and four times the winner of comedy circus. From Laughter Challenge to The Kapil Sharma Show, we all know as a commoner he too had his impenetrable story.

Sugar and salt never dissolve. Kapil failed to learn that if his show is a huge success, it is possible with a well-trained team. If team is not your backbone, you will break into pieces. Well this is not the first time, kapil disappointed us. Kapil many of the acts and tweets dragged him into trouble and here are the ten acts of kapil which didn’t make us laugh but pushes him into trouble and made his fans disappointed.

Kapil Sharma tweet to Modi:

Kapil Sharma is known to be close to his followers and tweet to get them know about his major daily happenings from his paying tax to his upcoming live shows. One of the tweets of Kapil Sharma to Mr.Narender Modi became the nightmare for kapil. In the below image Kapil Sharma tweeted Narender Modi on his paying Rs.15 crore tax though he is forced to pay the bribe to BMC for making his office. Results were comprehended in nothing flat. Kapil semblance transformed from a moral of anti-corruption and cleanliness awareness to being accused of charges and FIR. Sharma is also accused for making illegal transmutation in his flat. On same day of Kapil tweet Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis asked Kapil to spell out the names of bribe taking officers. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena threatened to shut down the show unless he apologized.

Kapil making fun of pregnant women in comedy nights with Kapil:

During Kapil show on colors, he cracked a joke on pregnant women delivering a baby on her way when suddenly their vehicle bumped into potholes. This infuriated almost all the women and considered as one of the ungracious acts of all. Two NGOs- Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan and Kaydeshir Wagner protested with Maharashtra Women Commission and asked him a well-grounded explanation and apology. At the same wink, character of Bua and Dadi was also been censurable. Dadi is exhibited drunk which is not the real face of Dadi’s in India.

Kapil Sharma similitude nurses in short dresses:

Rochelle Rao, playing the character of a nurse is being portrayed as flirtatious by a doctor saying her darling. She is wearing short dresses. The nurse and the nursing students in Amritsar summoned for objectifying a nurse image one of the intolerable acts.

Comedy Nights with Kapil wind up telecast on Colors:

Last episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil was never aired due to the brawl between Kapil and colors channel. Colors channel incriminated Kapil for trespassing the working regulating and charging sky touching prices.

When Kapil all of a sudden walked out of Celebrity Cricket League:

Kapil was paid 1.25 crore for anchoring CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) but he walked out at last moment showing no concern.

Kapil Sharma Tax woes:

Kapil flaunted on Twitter on payable of 15 crore tax. But as of sources Kapil has been blamed for non-payable of 65000 INR tax.

When Kapil refused to promote Sunil Grover Coffee with D:

Sunil Grover played the lead role in Coffee with D. Kapil canceled the shooting of promotion of film due to clashes between them. Later Sunil took the blame himself that shooting stopped on his call.

When Kapil said Chandan Prabhakar that you are my friend that’s why you are in my show:

Chandan Prabhakar was faced to arrogance of Kapil as he repeatedly made him realize that he is on the show because he is Kapil’s friend . Chandan to which reacted its okay if you are Kapil Sharma, but you have no right to talk to me like this. Kapil yelled at him saying that. I will slap you. Kapil and Chandan didn’t even perform together in Melbourne.

When Kapil abused Sunil Grover for the second time:

Sunil Grover first character as Gutthi was as popular as Dr.Mushoor Gulati presently. Sunil returned to the show even after a bunch of fight between them when kapil show was aired on colors. Later he worked in Kapil Sharma show as Dr. Mushoor Gulati.


Kapil during his flight scene of getting into a fight with his team members shocked the crew members of flight too. He was misbehaving with staff members and asking for more drinks out of limit. He was even on the platform of being tied in handcuff which members do for the mischievous passengers.

Written by: Arpita Gupta

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