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Karan Karan Grover – Learns Parkour for three dev upcoming film

Karan Grover learns Parkour for three dev

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Actors have to go out of their comfort zone at times to do justice with their characters. They have to learn & do things that they never thought of, be it learning a new language, an instrument, etc. Actors have to learn them & portray it with complete conviction on screen.

Actors also have to learn skills that the character demands which are at times extremely difficult. Karan had to take on practising Parkour. It is a very rare art of training for physical fitness which Karan learned for his upcoming movie Three Dev. Parkour is a method of training your body and mind to overcome obstacles with speed and efficiency. While training for Parkour Karan mastered the activities of running, climbing, swinging, and balancing to pass over, under, and through obstacles. As a physical discipline, park-our teaches respect for the environment and development of the body. Karan went through vigorous training during odd hours so that he doesn’t bump into a lot of people as it had to be practiced in an open area.

Karan is a fitness freak & going under parkour training was very thrilling for him. He was aware of the kind of hard work it requires but without hesitating he did it for preparing for his character.

When contacted Karan He said “ Its been 5 months I am following this regime, it got the real world movements like running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing etc. Besides becoming more creative you also tend to get a better vision towards life.” 

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