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Meet Vikram Bhatt’s latest find – Spotlight 2 Sayush S Nayyar

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, who has given the Hindi film industry many new faces, has launched newbie Sayush S Nayyar in his latest web series Spotlight 2

The talented model-actor who has acted in shorts films like Happy Married Life! And The Last Kiss to name a few makes his debut with Spotlight 2. The series tells the story of a musical sensation and explores his journey to stardom and the subsequent fall.

 Talking about his role, Sayush S Nayyar quips, “I play the quintessential parallel lead of a Hindi film. The character is totally white; there is no grey shade to it. He is a good guy. He is the kind of a guy every girl wants to marry.”
Sayush is also looking forward to make his Bollywood debut this year. “I’ve a few projects lined up but I can’t confirm any of them until I sign them. Hopefully, I should be making my Bollywood debut this year.”
The 13 episode series also features Karan V Grover, Aditi Arya, and Ruhi Singh.

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