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MIKA SINGH & BIBA SINGH’S NEXT “NACH BABY” – A Dance Punjabi Vibe With A Fusion Of Bollywood

Photos by: Kabir

Featuring Mika Singh & Biba Singh, song Nach Baby” is out and it’s magically foot tapping  So we recorded this song with the very popular Desi crew to mix a dance Punjabi vibe with a fusion of Bollywood with the king Mika Singh” says Biba Singh.

Truly punjabi, peppy and lively in its best sense, Nach Baby” has the spur of making you groove effortlessly.

A perfect concoction of fun, entertainment, dance, Nach Baby is yet another brilliant offering to the audience by Mika Singh, Biba Singh & Desi Crew.

Enchanted beats, flexible use of tones by talented Desi Crew, accompanied by Sandeep Sharma’s brilliant direction, Kumar Sunny’s catchy lyrics & Biba Singh & Mika Singh’s, highly intriguing signature steps, Nach Baby is here and we bet you’ll go crazy over this. The song shows Biba Singh & Mika Singh in their stylish avatar still maintaining that rusticity and their fabulous charm.

When asked Mika Singh about Biba, he said Biba has a lovely voice and is a super talented girl. I always wish her the best and am proud to bring this song Nach Baby with her”

DESI crew said  “We loved working with Biba and have worked with her before as well. She is a versatile singer with a passion for music and a beautiful voice”

Directed by:- Sandeep Sharma; Produced by:- King Mika Singh & Dr. Tarang Krishna; Featuring:- Mika Singh, Biba Singh, Music by Desi Crew; Lyrics by:- Kumar Sunny; Music label:- MS Sound

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