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Milind Soman to launch Probir Sengupta’s book Unclothed

Milind Soman to launch Probir Sengupta’s book Unclothed

Author/Writer Probir Sengupta who has been writing for various brands all through his career, has now started writing for himself and penned a book titled ‘Unclothed’.  The debut book highlights about a fiction character Onniruddh Ray, a young guy, falls in love many times.  As Onni’s story zigzags, he meets three people – a woman, a man and a young lady. All three play their roles in unclothing him.
Published by Wordit Content Design & Editing Services the book is all set to launch by none other then the model/actor also known as the Ironman of India- Milind Soman. The launch will take place on 31st May, 2016 at Title Waves book store in Bandra and will be also attended by Mrs. Afsana Radheria, the Joint Honorary Secretary of the MSSI (Multiple Sclerosis Society of India). The Chief Guest of the event will be Mr. Hemant Nerurkar. Actor Milind Soman who is launching the book is known to be a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India group.
Confirming the news, author Probir Sengupta says, ” Yes, it is confirmed Milind Soman will be launching the book in the presence of our chief guest Mr. Hemant Nerukar. It is an honour to get associated with such high personalities and we are looking forward for a great evening. I am going to read few expects from the book and will be having a quick interaction with audience.”

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