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MTV Love School Season 3 sets the commencement on fire

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MTV Love School Season 3 sets the commencement on fire: MTV Love School Premiere


TV iconic and stylish couple Karan Kundra and Anusha Dhandekar are back on MTV love school season 3. We all are aware of graduation from high school. Well, graduating from love school is another heck of series which test your hold on a relationship. A couple from years or months together who are together by destiny but have no idea where they are heading towards, love school is platform to those young generation couples. Those who are not stable or don’t have long term commitments, love school includes anchor Karan and Anusha guiding them under their shade.

Testing your bond, output of working together or not and where is relationship going is mentored by Karan and Anusha.

Karan and Anusha from a long period of time shares an unbreakable bond and the legacy they inhabit in their living is surely passed on to other new couples.

Couples in love school from previous two seasons find a way out to figure stable relationship and through fun games in the form test followed by drama and controversy.

This season is a turning table as five single girls and boys will be a new joinee with the selected couples. 

It’s a start of countdown for both men and women that either stay with yours or move to other and result in heartbreak.

The season begins with the flame of jealous, there is more to watch.

In the show, the selected 5 couples will spend 1 month together without mobiles and other incentives and try to bring that love between them. In this season, the five couples, who are selected are Mohit – Saakshi, Daisy-Ankit, Aditi – Ujjwal, Deepali – Laxya and Akash – Payal. The end will check the compatibility of the bond and love begins in Goa. 

Also singles will play their part to be wide in the game. For youngsters love school will be one show they would enjoy the fullest and learn to find or stay still with their suitable match


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