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Music Launch Marathi Film Mol: GetMovieInfo

Producer-director Yogesh Kulkarni and presented by Paul Baviskar has made the two languages ​​’value’ in the Marathi film and musical quality Ahirani. Ahirani this language Khandesh bid. Khandesata ahiranila level is sit khandesi mother language and culture in the whole of Maharashtra dhyasatuna was the formation of the film.
Photos by: Kabir
Lately Function State Cooperation Minister movie music performance. Fell across Gulabrao Patil. Mumbai’s Nariman Point sohalyaprasangi or lying across the center of the film is presented by YB Chavan Persia Baviskar and social anjalitai Baviskar and actor Milind Shinde, singer and composer Shyam nandesa Umap Shirsagar also were present.
This feature film is that there prathitayasa Marathi actor, but khandesatila Dhule, Jalgaon, Nashik and Nandurbar district is given an opportunity, or four more than 50 abhinetyannahi. Yogesh Kulkarni film, soft SK Kishor Kadam, blue, Gokhale Patil, Milind Shinde, Nalini Kulkarni, ruled desale, Sanjay Bhadane, Anil More and get to see the major role of Rajan Pawar.
The music is very tuneful and diverse musicians who have composed songs Shirsagar Avinash-Vishwajeet and white point. BahinaBai Chowdhury, Vithal Wagh, Awachat, kamalakar desale, Ashwini Shende, including songs written by Yogesh Kulkarni and Rajan Pawar film.
Hariharan, Suresh Wadkar, Ravindra stock, Sadhana Sargam, Vaishali Samant this giant gayakansobataca Suvarna Mategaonkar, Mandar Apte, nandesa Umap, rsikesa Ranade, Maithili Panse, Jaideep bagavadakara and white Shirsagar or energetic singers songs with the musical film music was published on Zee Music kampanitarphe the film will listen to all the songs on the jukebox on Zee Music’s Youtube channel as well as the selection of the song The video also can be viewed.

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