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My Work keeps me motivated: Flora Saini


Bollywood actress Flora Saini, who will be seen next in Srijit Mukherji’s Begum Jaan sharing the big screen with Ishqiya girl Vidya Balan, believes in doing only those roles which she can relate to.

The B-Town diva, who also boasts the experience of working in 5 different industries and stays motivated through her work opens up with Jaideep Pandey.



How would you rate your journey so far in the film industry?

My journey has been great so far, having said that I think one cannot actually rate and proportionate the work you have done, because you haven’t stopped and are still doing it. Being in the industry for so long, it has been a great journey.You have to be very dedicated towards the work you are doing and be wholly committed to it.

You have worked in Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada cinema. Which one is your first love?

As an actor you have to learn and work on and improve your craft with every role be it any language. I guess for an actor like me my first love is only cinema.

How have you grown as an actress?

By work with different and talented directors across the industry, an actor would always grow. This applies also to the work you’ve handpicked and to the film you always fancied for. There comes a time when you been offered a role which you are not satisfied with, and for an actress it’s very important to understand the priorities and the importance of their roles.
I select the roles which are connected to me, which I can easily relate to. Not only films but there are other art forms which have helped me grow immensely.

How was your experience working with Vidya Balan in Begum Jaan?

It was a truly memorable and special experience to work with an actor like Vidya Balan. She is an intelligent actress and at the same time very adorable & grounded. When we were shooting Begum Jaan she used to call me Madhuri Dixit on set which was a huge compliment for me, she has a good sense of humour. Vidya is a well-known artist and I would love to work with her again on a new project.

How do you stay Motivated?

To stay motivated you only need one factor “Work”, because it churns your brain and shows you what you are capable of. One more important thing which keeps me motivated is the quote of Martin Scorsese “Perseverance will get you through.”

What kind of films are you looking forward to do in the coming time?

It is rather difficult to put across the genre or the type of film I would like to do.For me there are no particular choices as such, however I would definitely be interested in a script which inspires me, which motivates me, which gives me an opportunity to grow with the character.
It is important for me because when you are doing a film you are so much into your role, you feel that you don’t exist as an individual, only the character and film exist; cinema is such an art form.

What’s your Fashion statement?

Fashion for me is all about comfort. People sometimes make it very complex and started tagging things about it. I think Fashion is all about the colors you wear and the stuff that you can carry gracefully and comfortably.

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