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Purab Kohli calls it quit for Smoking! on World’s Health Day

Purab Kohli has called it quits with a habit he has been addicted to for over a decade now

purab kohli

The actor has given up smoking for good. This comes as a fresh step towards healthy lifestyle changes that he has been meaning to make for a while now.

Purab recently became a proud father to a baby girl, Inaya last year and has been meaning to give up this habit for his family.

On the occasion of World Health Day the proud Papa has confessed that he will no longer go back to smoking.

Commenting on the same Purab says, “My father used to be a smoker and quit when my sister(his first child was born). I have smoked for 20 year myself with many failed attempts at quitting. But now suddenly it’s seeming so easy. I wonder if Inaya has influenced my sub-conscience. I quit smoking in Jan and adapted very quickly to being a non smoker. On WHD I encourage others to quit smoking too and feel the birth of a new you. Clean lungs equals new Life:) 

The actor is currently off to Italy for his international project Sense 8 where he shoots the second seasons and will soon resume Nikhil Advani’s TV mega-project, the Indian adaptation of Homeland.

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