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Raazi in Capital city for promotions

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Raazi in Capital city for promotions:

Team Raazi witnessed its presence in Capital city Delhi for promotion in Hotel Le Maradian. Alia Bhatt, Meghan Gulzar and Vicky Kaushal were the guest of honor of the event. During promotions, the star cast Alia and Vicky and Director Meghna Gulzar shared their view points on the origin and final commencement of the movie.

Alia Bhatt in the career of 5 years had the outcome of back to back superhit commercial as well as thriller movies. There have been challenging as well as plain roles in graph of Alia’s career and there is every single role touched and tasted the heights of success. For being Sehmat Alia learned Urdu and also it was initially difficult to inherit a grace of a warrior women with a deep down soft heart. Being in a character of a agent, Alia practiced on her intense of expression because for an agent it is necessary to react at the moment without disclosing anyone, says Meghna Gulzar. Before Sehmat characterized into the script, Alia wanted to seize the opportunity in Raazi and showed her interest to sign the film. Meghna too had an intuition that Alia is the one who can justify the role. Meghna while filming Raazi kept in mind Alia’s formation in a particular movie. Alia on the other hand is jam packed with her three upcoming thrilled movies – Kalank, Bramhashastra and Gully boy. Alia describes her unsung heroes to all those who work in backend to make sure Alia routines are organized without troubles. Alia to fill the shoes of 1970 Era watched the movies of that time and worked accordingly.

Meghna Gulzar feels that the unsung heroes are those who fight day and night on the border to protect out country. Meghna worked with Gulzar, Shankar Ehsan Loy and Arijit Singh for the music and three of the renowned artists in music industry.

Raazi is all set to release on 11 May.


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