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Rajkummar Rao is all set to break the records of national recognition through Omerta

Thrilled with terrorism and bloods of millions of Indians trapped in conspiracy, Omerta trailer is launched.

Main lead Rajkummar Rao with Director Hansal Mehta witnessed their presence in PVR plaza Delhi for the trailer launch event.

Glimpse from Trailer Launch of Omerta

Omerta is based on British-Pakistani terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh. The first look was released earlier this week and we can surely say it will be another masterpiece heading towards the pathway of gold star. This is the first time Rajkummar Rao will be in the negative semblance playing the character of Omar Saeed.

The genus of the story will be rip-roaring screaming out a deadly life a terrorist lived. Director Hansal Mehta said, “Omerta unfolds the inmost ill-boding portrayal of the mind of terrorist”.

The secrets of what really Omar was is buried forever and it will be a mystery forever. However to get deep knowledge of the character, we visited some of the places haunted by Omar in London during his transformation from LSR graduation to become a horrifying terrorist, said Rajkummar Rao.

Omertà Official Trailer | Rajkummar Rao | Hansal Mehta

The commencement of the movie took place across London and India recreating Pakistan and Afghanistan, the directorial of Hansal Mehta has an animus to represent the ongoing real terror spinning in heads of Pakistan.

Omerta will be setting its lines of creating an awed psyche making a pass in the nerves of audience hearts. Based on a true story, Omerta will be jotting down the voyage of a serial terrorist phases.

The plot will cover the 1994 kidnapping of westerns in India for which Omar was sentenced and plotting of murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

The movie was screened in 2017 International Toronto Film Festival. The film is scheduled to release on 20 April 2018.

Official Posters and Behind the Scenes from the movie Omerta

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