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Ravi Dubey had Mother son moments on Sabse Smart Kaun set

Versatile actor Ravi Dubey who is also undoubtedly one of the most admired & popular celebrities who is on the peak of his career is receiving lots of love and affection from his fans for his reality show Sabse Smart Kaun.  Ravi who thoroughly enjoys the shooting and being on the sets of Sabse Smart Kaun got one more reason to be happy on the show.
Recently on the sets of Sabse Smart Kaun the actor was surprised when his mother paid him a visit on the show. Ravi was unprepared for this surprise and everyone present on the set witnessed some sweet mother –son moments. His mother while sharing some memories of Ravi’s childhood took the actor down the memory lane.
Ravi’s mother spilled few secrets of his childhood and made him nostalgic as well as awkward at the same time.  His mother shared some funny secrets which made Ravi blush and everyone around were enjoying the happy moments. At a point Ravi to save him from further embarrassment he interrupted and deliberately made his mother to a take seat and controlled the laughter riot that was happening around.

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