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Roadies Extreme 2018 behind the scenes in Shilong

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Roadies extreme season 16 for the first time is in play to reverse the direction of the show. Ranvijay is not going to be the Gang leader but as a mentor and sub gang leader of all, the journey of roadies will be similar to hidden box of upcoming hurdles which even the gang leaders are unaware of. The gang leaders for roadies extreme are- Nikhil Chinapa, Raftar, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula. Raftar for the first time will be a gang leader and he will never let down his fans as he is already established in music and dance industry. As a routine, Roadies access to the gang leaders to select and then allow the selected contestants to be a part of any gang leader they want to be trained under. Roadies have always way out of the decorum challenge their selected contestants to prove on the grounds to earn the victory. Roadies extreme out flaw the auditions in a terrific style of extreme challenges, interview and dark secrets.

Extreme is done with the auditions and culling round where 20 contestants are shortlisted for the final journey. First destination will be one of the beautiful places of seven sisters Shilong where the road to beginning of challenges and the division of contestants to the four gang leaders.

Vidit Sharma, Priya Sindhu and Shruti Sinha from Pune directly made their way to final without getting through culling round.

Here is the list of the rest of other selected contestants:

  • Pavneet Singh Bagga
  • Kashish
  • Rohan
  • Farah Fatima Khan
  • Mini Rohela
  • Nishkarsh Arora
  • Sandy Saha
  • Syed Khurshid
  • Sonu Jatt
  • Preeti Kunthal
  • Geetika Sood
  • Sameeksha Malik
  • Surbhi
  • Kriti Kulhari
  • Bibek Vohra
  • Shubda
  • Abhishek Dubay




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