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‘S Durga’ clears CBFC review

Malayalam film S Durga, which was struck off the list of movies screened at the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) by the government last year, has now been cleared for public viewing without any cuts by the revising committee of the censor board.

The film had been referred to the revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification by Kerala High Court in January after the filmmakers approached it for the third time in the wake of the CBFC withdrawing its certification in the twilight hours of the 10-day festival in Goa last November.

Sanal’s won the Hivos Tiger award at Rotterdam earlier last year and was also screened at the Singapore International Film Festival. In the run-up to the IFFI, director Sanal Sasidharan had agreed to change the original title – Sexy Durga – to S Durga on the directive of the CBFC and also mute the word “sexy” in the film.

Although the government-appointed jury had selected the film for screening at the IFFI, the information and broadcasting ministry dropped it, triggering a spate of resignations from the jury.

“International rights have been already sold. It’s in India, that I can’t use the name as the censor board has a problem with it. But there is nothing against Goddess Durga. I am tired of repeating this 100 times.

 “It is about the society. People need to watch the film and then only they will understand and can form an opinion,” said the director.

He is planning to release the film across the country soon.

“We are trying to release it pan-India. Discussions are going on. Hopefully, by end of March or beginning of April it will release. There are already subtitles. The film is not really dialogue oriented. So, even if it is not dubbed, people will understand it,” he said

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