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Salman Khan 2018 start seems to be raw deal after a certain set of hustle

We all are aware of the statement of Salman Khan in 2016 during the release of Sultan about his gesture towards his practice in boxing for the movie. He compared the entire situation with the feeling of women condition after being raped. This led him to the case raised by Women commission and even his fans and other co-stars became judgmental. Even his female co-star Anushka Sharma denied to support him.

Recently, Salman statement considering depression as a sign of either having too much money or time broke the silence of India’s most charming actress Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukone had been a survivor of depression and is always bragging a strong emotion related. She also addressed her fans about how depression deep down affected her ongoing career despite of being at the peak of success. And definitely depression is not a luxury, it’s a state of mind which reoccurs within our body, an indescribable emotion that separates soul from the body. Salman’s opinion regarding depression is coinciding as depression never comes with the fate of rich or poor, success or failure, being free or occupied.

Deepika according to NDTV stated about depression to be not considered as a luxury of life you choose. She further added that “I would like to clear the air of myths associated with depression”. She narrated her battle with depression all again in media to push the fact that she will never be silent if someone points on her mental state of torture she suffered. Clearly she was talking in reference to Salman’s statement. Deepika and Salman have never worked together. Deepika rejected few of the films signed by Salman. After this contradiction, it seems next to impossible for Deepika and Salman to pair up.

Fans are already in umbrage and had raised against Salman on twitter. It’s not the end to Salman deadlock. Salman will appearing for back buck hunting case in Jodhpur on 5th April, confirmed by rural high court of Jodhpur.

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