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Exclusive: Salman Khan’s Tubelight Trailer Lights Up The Internet

India is losing its mind over Bhai’s latest movie “TUBELIGHT”. Salman Khan’s new historical drama Tubelight stirred up his enormous fan base on Thursday with the release of the film’s new teaser trailer. The teaser met with an enthusiastic response and over 4.3 million views in its first 15 hours on Youtube.

Tubelight - salman khan - getmovieinfo
Tubelight – salman khan – getmovieinfo

The actor plays a naive character Laxman in the film who believes that faith is like a tubelight, it takes time to light up but when it does, it illuminates everything around it. As the wait of the people for the Sino-India war to get over continues, the existence of hope is all that keeps them going.

Salman Khan’s performance in Tubelight teaser is on another level,” is the general opinion on Twitter but it was Karan Johar who provided a quick and summed up review of the tease. “This is what you call a tease! What a fab world and a promise of a brilliant film!” the 44-year-old filmmaker wrote within minutes of Salman Khan sharing it on Twitter. ‘#TubelightTeaser’ has been trending since last night as Salman’s colleagues and fans just cannot not stop raving about how much of an emotional potboiler the movie is going to be.

Set in 1962 Indo-China war, the film has been extensively shot in Ladakh and Manali. Also featuring Sohail Khan as a soldier, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu as the leading lady and child actor Matin Rey Tangu, ‘Tubelight’ features Salman Khan in a seen before avatar. With shoes dangling from his neck in one scene to his stripping act in army shorts, the teaser is interesting and makes the moviegoers asking for more. According to the reports, Shah Rukh Khan has a guest appearance in the film which is the big Eid release of the year on June 23, 2017. ‘Tubelight’ will also release in China. Since Zhu Zhu has Chinese roots attached to her, the movie is expected to make some great money in China. Salman makes first appearance at 55 seconds and seems to have certain special abilities which he uses to control his surroundings.

Whatever the reasons maybe, with eid just around the corner, fans just can’t wait to get a glimpse at the grandeur the movie has to provide. Although the trailer itself gave plenty of eye candy, fans still can’t ascertain what to expect as the trailer has succeeded in keeping fans satisfied and at the same time wanting for more.

For an ensemble of Salman’s talent and a shot of Shahrukh Khan and to glance at the beautiful historic setting of this movie, watch the trailer with GetMovieInfo.


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