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Singing Sensation: Platform for Unheard Talents – GetMovieInfo

Imagine the moment when you were sad, happy, emotional, in love, angry. Now imagine a song can you, try relating that song with whatever mood you are in, there are many moments like that in our life. We listen to music because it calms us, it soothes our mind, but in one word what would you call it, the peace that’s what we call it, in our busy schedule, the one thing that never fails to calm our mind is music.
A voice so pure and beautiful, that can take away all your discomfort away in a flash is worth everything. We, at Singing Sensation, believes that it’s not a loss a singer if his songs don’t reach to the ears of people, but it’s us who are in loss who failed to acquire the soothing and calm experience, in our busy life its something priceless.
That’s why we value the fantastic talents across the country and believe that every voice deserves to be heard, for it’s our loss every time a talented voice goes unheard.
Let me show you some examples, and perhaps then only we can explain better why we believe what we believe and urge everyone to join us.
Isha Andotra she is from Basholi, have you ever heard about her? No? But, listen to her doesn’t she posses the voice who can make anyone dance and enjoy the song, or perhaps a song that you would enjoy alone and with a calm mind.
Here is another one,
Tahir Zaman, he works hard every day and earns his livelihood by selling fruits, with so many challenges in life he didn’t get the chance to pursue his dream, singing.
He is from Pakistan, and there is no boundaries or religion in passion, talent. Any voice unheard is a loss to us, to all of us including you.
With a team, in which everyone just addicted to music and can never get enough of some good lyrics or voice that takes us to another world and make us believe that anything is possible, its natural that we have gratitude for every single individual who lends us their gift, and takes our mind away from problems and relaxes us, which is really important to solve any problems in life.
But, with the pain we have to accept an unfortunate truth, there are many voices which are never heard, neither it gets the platform or audience that it deserves. Some can’t follow their dream because they are busy struggling in life for even a piece of bread, and we who loves their talent don’t even know about them.
Its sad and it hurts us, but not anymore. We at Singing Sensation pledged to devote our time and all the resources that we have towards the fantastic talents so that you can get another great voice to calm your anger or to put words in your love story and for your emotions that you couldn’t have had done without that song.
Singing Sensation is a platform for anyone who possesses the talent, regardless of who he/she is, whether he is fruit seller or a college student, every talent is priceless, and every voice is worth your time. We are building a platform where unheard voices could be heard, and maybe the next legend could come from the corners of streets, who is struggling to fill his stomach right now.
We are not only providing platform for singers, but will help them in any financial way we could if they need it, and when it comes to song, we have everything there is to be able to record and publish any song, and in past year we have gathered a team who believe in this and are willing to work relentlessly. The world is significant, and we are a small group of people, that’s why we are here asking for you guys to join us. When we combined both audience and platform then only we can help and witness the hidden talents. All they need is to be found, and we will find them together because its worth every bit of our efforts.
How correctly things will work, Social media is a handy and powerful tool in our hands given as a gift through the internet, connecting with people has never been so easy like this before.
We will post videos of singers, unknown faces. Combined with us when you, the audience will show us your favorites, we will help them to be the next sensation. Simple? Not really, there are many who don’t even know what to do or don’t even know that they possess something special or maybe they know it but are never able to express and show it, that’s when true beauty of our platforms comes to play, with you guys looking out there for talents which we could not find otherwise and us providing them with whatever they need, we believe we can start a change and together we can do something unusual.
It’s not a talent show,
If you are thinking, oh it’s same as talent shows, no sir it’s not, we are not presenting this to you as full polished content that people enjoy, but its a movement in which every individual connected will play a vital role, we become the power that is going to lift up the career of some of the most unheard talented singers.
Join us, because it’s not a talent show, its a movement.
You can mail us your recordings at shubham@convosmedia.com or Info@convosmedia.com.
You can also contact us through our Instagram and Facebook Page.

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