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Special story on Irrfan Khan – GetMovieInfo

10 films of Irrfan that keeps our faith alive that good actors do exist!

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Many times actors are best known to represent a certain kind of cinema. They are great at what they do and they do it so very well! But it’s always refreshing to see acts who get out of their comfort zones and experiment by doing something sometimes totally unimaginable which make us believe that good actors do exist and we can surely expect quality cinema. Well, Irrfan Khan is one of those brilliant actors we have in Bollywood who has made us proud even overseas. Below are 10 of his movies which prove that actors like him keep good cinema alive.
Irrfan Khan in Piku – The actor otherwise known for some intense roles, was seen in the perfect role of Rana, a subtle love interest of Deepika Padukone in Piku with an amazing sense of humor. He added a different layer to the film and now directors are also looking at him for more and more rom-com movies
Irrfan in Qissa : Qissa the film was set in the 1947’s partition backdrop where Irrfan played the role of Sikh man Umber Singh. He has been shown as a stubborn Punjabi man who wants his son to carry his legacy of strong hunter ahead. Irrfan carried the role with authenticity. He made the character look effortlessly.
Irrfan in Lunch Box : Lunch Box has Irrfan play the role of a retired man who was older than his real age subtlety and about his silence romantic relationship. For the role, he colored his hair grey to go with his role of an older man.
Irrfan in Warrior: Warrior a simple but beautifully photographed film in Hindi language where Irrfan Khan plays a role of Lafcadia a warrior in antiquated Rajasthan who attempts to give up his sword. In the movie, Irrfan has long hair, dust-stuck face and is wearing an outfit of a warrior.
Irrfan in Maqbool: Irrfan donned the perfect look to essay the role of the right hand of Mumbai’s biggest mafia. Playing the title role, Irrfan’s look only complimented his impeccable acting skills in the movie.
Irrfan in Life in a metro: The film was a blatant composition of classics. Irrfan plays a 35-year-old man seeking a bride through matrimonial sites and familial connections. Konkona happens to be one of the many girls he meets in the process. And rest is as funny as it gets. All the conversations between these two evoke genuine laughter.
Irrfan in Life of Pi : The best word that describes Irrfan Khan’s performance in ‘Life of Pi’ is “sublime”. Few actors in the world, let alone India, are as effortless as Khan, and that effortlessness shows clearly in the film, especially, when he had only a few scenes to make a mark. He makes most of the 10-15 minutes that he has in the film so much so that there was a serious talk of him getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
Irrfan in Yeh saali zindagi : 
Irrfan delivers a sucker punch with his acting chops as well as his narration. His conversations with Saurabh Shukla is one of the highlights of this film. It’s ironical that Irrfan’s name always conjures up an image of a serious character artiste while in reality, he has breathed life to enviable comic performances as well – Yeh Saali Zindagi being a case in point.
Irrfan in Talvar: Irrfan not only perfectly displayed the frustration and helplessness an officer experiences, he also made it increasingly tangible for his audience. He keeps us at the edge of our seats.
Irrfan in Haasil: His transformation from a friend, philosopher, and guide to a murderer, abductor, and an unpredictable ticking time bomb is very exciting in the movie. In this movie, Irrfan shows us the real transformation from a sober looking person who turns into a murderer.

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