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Sridevi’s most memorable dialogues

Iconic actress Sridevi breathed her last around midnight of February 24, 2018. The actress died in Dubai, following a cardiac arrest and the incident has left the entire nation shocked.

Sridevi began her career at the age of four, appearing as a child artist in Tamil film ‘Thunaivan’ in 1969, and later went on to work in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films. She made her Bollywood debut with Solva Sawan’ in 1978 and had a career span of over four decades.

Here’s a look at some of the most memorable dialogues of the actress:

Jeevan ke kis modh pe, kab koi miljayekaun keh sakta hai? (Chandni, 1996)

nsaan daulat ke lie apno ka khoon bhi baha deta hai (Chandra Mukhi, 1993)

Galat Aur Bahut Galat Mein Se Chunna Ho, To Aap Kya Chunenge? (MOM, 2017)

Mard khana banaye toh kala hai … aurat banaye toh uska farz hai (English Vinglish, 2012)

Khane ka shaunk aapko bhi hai, khane ka shaunk mujhe bhi hai … ghumne ka shaunk aapkobhi hai, ghumne ka shaunk mujhe bhi hai … gappe ladane ka shaunk aapko bhi hai, gappeladane ka shaunk mujhe bhi hai … aur sabse zyada important baat yeh hai … ki hasne ka shaunk aapko bhi hai aur hasne ka shaunk mujhe bhi hai (Lamhe, 1991)

When you don’t like yourself… you tend to dislike everything connected to you. New things seem to be more attractive. When you learn to love yourself… then the same old life… starts looking new… starts looking nice. Thank you… for teaching me… how to love myself! Thank you for making me… feel good about myself. Thank you so much! (English Vinglish, 2012)

Har insaan apne karmon se pehchana jaata hai; apne baap ke karmon se nahi (Sone Pe Suhaaga, 1990)

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