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Style icon Khushali Kumar overcomes her fear of bike riding

Style icon Khushali Kumar overcomes her fear of bike riding in a new music video of Guru Randhawa:

International Fashion Designer turned actress Khushali Kumar has recently packed up the shoot of music album starring Guru Randhawa. First look of Khushali with Guru is sizzling heap of heat as there is fire between the duos riding on a cruiser bike with swag.

Behind the scenes share a different story of the fear of Khushali. She was having deep down inside her a cinch of fear about riding bike on mountain terror. Guru had realized the fear of emotion going in mind of Khushali. He decided to play a prank on Khushali about his learning the bike ride just a few days before and he is not prepared to perform well riding a bike on heights. This scared Khushali to the grounds of nervousness that while the beginning of the shoot Khushali refused to sit on the bike. There Guru explained her his prank and said that he had been a hard core bike rider in his initial days in village. This created a slight of confidence in the actress and the music video was completed with an ease.

The first poster of the duo bike riding made us think that Khushali would have never feared bike riding. The lavish look on both the actor and singer is promising enough to create an aura of one of the highly recognizable songs of the year.

Khushali Kumar is a well-known model, designer and actress and sister of singer Tulsi Kumar. She has appeared in the video “Mainu Ishq Da Lagya Rog Wiki”. The song was produced by her brother Bhushan Kumar with the marvelous voice of Tulsi Kumar. She had represented her designs internationally for two time Grammy award winner Shakira.

Guru Randhawa is in recent vision of Salman Khan for his Dubai successful concert and he will soon be singing in Race 3 for Salman.

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