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This International Women’s Day, don’t be an Inappropriate Aunty

Shahzad Ahmed 

“Ladkiyo ko ye karna shobha nahi deta”, “Tum ladki ho, ye mat karo-vo mat karo”

If these lines ring a bell in your mind and makes your head turn instantly, but not for the right reasons, of course ! Then you my-friend have been served by the curious cant-mind-my-own-business Indian aunty. From adjusting your bra-strap, to praying, haye ladka hi ho to covering cleavages, we have all witnessed the presumptuous society who thinks giving unsolicited advice is for tumhari bhalai. Identifying all the quirks of nosy-aunties on this International Women’s Day, TVF’s Girliyapa in association with Philips  brings a swag-filled video on the ‘Inappropriate Aunty’ who is on a constant poke ride into everyone’s business and we just can’t shake them off. The short sketch is written by Khushbu Baid and you can watch the video here:



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