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Tulsi Kumar celebrates son Shivaay’s first birthday with the amazing theme

Renowned Bollywood Singer Tulsi Kumar celebrated her adorable son Shivaay’s first birthday with close family and friends in Delhi with a special theme of Disney Land. The singer along with her husband Hitesh Ralhan kept the celebrations private.

Among family and close friends of the couple, present were Tulsi’s brother producer Bhushan Kumar with wife-actor & director Divya Khosla Kumar and son Ruhaan including Krishan Kumar with wife and actress Tanya Kumar who flew down from Mumbai for this special occasion. Also including Anju Ralhan, her sister & actor Khushali Kumar, mother Sudesh Kumari.

It was a Disney Land themed party where the birthday boy entered with an array of Disney characters in a parade. There were music, color pop and lots of laughter. The entire family came together for the special day.

Tulsi and her husband Hitesh were blessed with Shivaay on November 25th, 2017. The singer has embraced motherhood with elan and admits to it being the most cherished and beautiful experience of her life. Despite her busy work schedules, the singer has managed to balance her work life and spend time with her dear son.

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