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Villains are the new heroes in Bollywood

Villains are the new heroes in Bollywood

There was this time when audiences use to go crazy behind Heroes and the villains were always hated. Heroes were the highlight of the screen and the villains were always the one who were neglected. But now villains are the new heroes, they are the one who are more appreciated on the screen. Let us see few of the recent one who we loved even as Villians.

Vicky Kaushal – We saw Viky Kaushal in the recent Anurag Kashyap film, Raman Raghav 2.0. Everyone loved the chocolate boy next door transforming into an aggressive and not so obedient cop. This bad boy in the movie was the favorite of all audience.
Vicky-Kaushal- Raman Raghav

Tahir Bhasin – We saw this sweet looking boy in Mardaani with Rani Mukherji. We hated every time he said something in the movie. But until the end, he is the one who holds up to the movie.

Taher (Mardaani)

Ranveer Singh – The Hero who played the villain in Lootera opposite Sonakshi Sinha.

Ranveer - Lootera

Varun Dhawan – The cute notorious boy from Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulhaniya turns out to be the killer in the movie Badlapur starring Yami Gautam.


Hrithik Roshan – Yes, listening to his name you heartbeats starts thumping faster. The Hero with a great physique and lovely dance moves played the role of a villain in Dhoom 2. He plays the hot thief who definitely stole many hearts by the end of the movie.

Hrithik -Dhoom 2


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