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What inspired Irrfan Khan to be an actor?

What inspired Irrfan Khan to be an actor?


It is truly a sign of a true superstar is the one who has struggled his way up to the point that he is a phenomena. Actor Irrfan Khan is one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood today who has also marked his place in Hollywood making him a true superstar. As the poster of his next Hollywood venture, Inferno which is the third part of Ron Howard’s Mega successful series based on Dan Browns book we can only sit up and applaud Irrfan for his incredible and successful efforts in the west. Having worked with several award winning directors,

Irrfan Khan will be seen essaying the role of Provost alongside Tom hanks in the lead. As Indian audiences gear up for its early release, this success hasn’t come easy for Irrfan. In the initial days of his career, the actor’s  parents weren’t supportive of his idea to make a career in the film industry but Irrfan was keen on achieving his goals and making a name for himself. In fact one strange but true anecdote which happened to reassure Irrfan of his path was a rather intriguing incident when Irrfan did a job as a repairman and happened to visit the house of none other than Rajesh Khanna. His mere boredom of being a non creative soul made his irk to be an actor much stronger!
Now we are glad Irrfan was a repairman, So that he could realise that acting was his final and only calling.

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